ULearn 2014

Philippa Isom, Steve Voisey and I had been teaching Year 7 and 8 Technology at Elim Christian College in Auckland (New Zealand) in a modern learning environment since the start of 2014. At ULearn 2014 we were given the opportunity to engage other technology teachers with what we had learned. Here is the abstract of our workshop.

With three terms of experience behind us, we would like to share our initial successes, failures and learning from our experience teaching technology collaboratively in an open learning environment. We are three teachers with very different skill sets who have 75 Year 7 students and 75 Year 8 students (also with very different skill sets). We see each year group for an hour and a half each week to deliver the Technology Curriculum in a space that was once the library but is now dubbed “The Learning Garden”.

Sounds insane? Sounds unachievable? Join us to hear about the insane parts and what we have learnt. Also, how we will continue to tackle it with what we now know.

This will be a great session for any teachers nervous about doing technology without a fancy electronics studio, commercial catering room, or any other “proper” set up. It will also inspire those with access to these facilities to dive in and use them even if you are not sure exactly how. Even though we teach Year 7 and 8, this session can be applied to any year level.

Take home with you Unit Examples and inspiration to adapt them to your own teaching teams and learning environments.


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