“The Next Story”

I have recently added “The Next Story” (by Tim Challies) to my reading list on recommendation of our director, Karl Steinkamp. This is the first book I have come across that tries to develop a Christian apologetic for the use of technology, and I think it is a must-read for anyone in Christian education.

In the first chapter he discusses the following points:

  • He says that there exists a “mandate for technology” that has its origins in the creation mandate, Genesis 1:28.
  • Technology is NOT amoral as technology advocates sometimes want us to believe. However, “technology is a good, God-given gift; like everything else in creation technology is subject to the curse; it is the application of technology that enables us to discern whether it is used for the glory of God or not.”
  • Technology can be both an idol or the enabler of idols.

I strongly encourage you to get a copy. We, Christian educators, need to have a well-developed apologetic about the place and use of technology in our lives if we want to model it effectively to your students and their parents. “The Next Story” can be powerfully used for professional development around this topic at your school.

To lifelong learning!

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