The key competencies and transformation

TransformationDuring a presentation to a group of educators who came to visit the Elim Christian College Junior Campus, one of my colleagues (Emily Bagrie – @emilybagrienz) linked the key competencies to the transformational use of digital technology (as described by the SAMR model1). I think she has struck gold!

Of course we don’t always use technology to modify or redefine learning tasks. However, we owe it to our students to always ask whether we can improve their learning outcomes with the digital technology we have at our disposal. When we design learning tasks in which we try to promote thinking, relating to others, using language symbols and texts, managing self and participating and contributing2, we are allowing our students to engage in transformational learning experiences.

I know some people are immediately asking, “How do measure that?” … great question … and a topic for another post. Thank you Emily for your epiphany!

To lifelong learning!

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